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PentaView - PentaWare's  Single File Viewer - Features

PentaWare's single file viewer is called PentaView. You can use PentaView to open files in many different formats. The formats currently supported are:

    1. Microsoft Word Documents (.DOC)
    2. Rich Text Format (.RTF) documents created using Microsoft Word©, WordPerfect© and others.
    3. Text files (.TXT)
    4. HTML files
    5. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (.XLS)
    6. Adobe Acrobat© PDF files

full_view_of_pentaview_280.GIF (43177 bytes)

Click on the image for a larger view.

This handy tool is wonderful when you're not sure of the contents of a file and you just want to take a quick look. You can even edit Word Doc files changing fonts, character attributes (Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.) or saving in other formats such as RTF, HTML or TXT. PentaView's Word Viewer ignores Word Macros and is therefore immune to Macro-Virus triggering.

File Cropping and Rotating - If you have a lot of Digital Pictures and you have not perfectly centered your picture, PentaView offers a very handy tool called Crop and Rotate

Crop_n_Rotate_detail.gif (3874 bytes)

you can Rotate an image by whatever degree value you need with increments of .5 of one degree. Negative means to the left and postive means to the right.

Here is an example. The first image (of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy) is BEFORE using Crop and Rotate while the image below it is AFTER doing Crop and Rotate to the left by 3 degrees:

before_crop_n_rotate.gif (121032 bytes)  

after_crop_n_rotate.gif (116050 bytes)

Additional Information

Demos_Animated.GIF (2245 bytes) Check out the Animated Demos for PentaView
Progarm_Features.GIF (2255 bytes) Click here for more details about the features offered by PentaView
Server_Version_Available.GIF (2237 bytes) This feature can be found in our Server Editions - click here to check it out

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