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PentaSuite-PRO Product Description

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PentaSuite is PentaWare's File Manager that allows full control over Image and Document files through a group of easy to use, well integrated programs that any user can use. Here are 18 great utility programs all rolled into one elegant package. Some reporters have said that PentaSuite is like a Swiss Army Knife™ and they weren't off target at all. Its main features are PDF Management and Creation and File Compression
  • PDF
    • PDF File Creation - You can create PDF files using PentaSuite-PRO from virtually any printable format using the print command. Among others PentaSuite-PRO supports: 
      1. Microsoft Word Doc and RTF
      2. Excel
      3. Power Point
      4. Internet Browser pages (HTML, HTTPS, ASP etc.)
      5. WordPerfect
      6. Digital Photography files
      7. Graphics Files
    • PDF Editor - Any existing PDF file (whether created with another program or with PentaPDF) can be:
      1. Modified
      2. Redacted
      3. Converted back to Word Doc, Text, etc.
      4. Rendered Uneditable
      5. Digitally Signed and Encrypted
      6. Countersigned
      7. Rubber-stamped
      8. Combined with other PDF's
      9. Made smaller in size by reducing image resolution
      10. Converted to PDF/A

      (Click here for more information on PDF Editing) 

    • PentaPDF can create PDF files one at a time or in batch mode. Put 100 Word Doc files in the file area of PentaConverter and make 100 PDF files with one sole click.

PentaSuite makes PDF Creation quick and easy.

  • Compression (PentaZIP) :
    1. Manage Compressed Archives
    2. Make Self Extracting files
    3. Manage Zip Archives larger than 4GB
    4. Use AES, DES and WinZip/PKZip Strong Encryption
    5. Perform Virus checks using your standard Antivirus program (if accessible)
  • File Viewing and File Editing- View, Edit and Convert Files from one format to another (over 120 formats)
  • Self Extracting Files - to send to users that don't have or can't use a compression program.
  • Scripting - to memorize repetitive tasks
  • Scheduling - to program the execution of programs, scripts and batch files.
  • Security and Encryption - Protect Files using Strong Encryption (PGP, AES, etc.)
  • DVD and CD Burning - Copy Files to a CD or to a DVD
  • FTP Client - upload and download files using FTP. Secure connections via SSL/TLS are supported.
  • Email files as attachments directly from inside most programs
  • Command Line Interface - create DOS batch files to perform one of 3 tasks:
    1. Compression
    2. Decompression
    3. Self Extracting Files
  • PentaWare Manager - Access all PentaSuite-PRO programs from a simple to use familiar Outlook like interface

  • Digital Photography utilities-
    1. Photo Album creation -  to Create Photo Albums to share images with friends or family in HTML format or in PDF format
    2. PentaExif - to view Exif information and search for images containing data in the Exif information section of digital images
    3. PentaFrameGrabber - to save frames captured from movies (AVI, MPG and MOV) as common graphics files (JPG, TIF, GIF, etc.)
    4. PentaRename - to rename single files or numerous files

PKI is also available in a separate Version.

64-Bit Support

All PentaWare products work properly and as expected on 32-bit and 64-bit systems as is required by Microsoft Certification Rules.

Regardless of whether the platform is 32-bit or 64-bit, ZIP is offered as 32-bit (compatible with version 2.04g) as well as 64-bit.

64-bit archives produced using PentaZip can be opened using competing products. 64-bit archives produced using competing products such as WinZip and PKZip are properly opened and can be extracted from using PentaZip as well as our Command Line versions.

Demos_Animated.GIF (2245 bytes) Check out the Animated Demo for PDF Editing
Demos_Animated.GIF (2245 bytes) Check out the Animated Tutorials for PentaPDF and PentaPDF-PRO
Demos_Animated.GIF (2245 bytes) Check out the Animated Tutorials about Compression
Progarm_Features.GIF (2255 bytes) Click here for more details about our Compression utility
Command_LIne_Available_Button.GIF (2233 bytes) Compression using the Command Line

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