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PentaPKI - PentaWare's PKI Utility


PKI means Public-Key Infrastructure. The term denominates the comprehensive system required to provide public-key encryption and digital signature services. The purpose of a public-key infrastructure is to help companies, authorities as well as individuals to secure their information by establishing and maintaining a trustworthy networking environment based on the management of keys and digital certificates
is a PKI client solution enabling users to apply encryption and digital signatures within existing PKI environments. Using PentaPKI you can easily sign, encrypt, decrypt files of any type as well as email messages, verify signatures, complete and enhance your digital signature by adding time stamps and more.

PentaPKI supports the use of digital identities stored on security tokens, thus meeting both the requirements of businesses and authorities which today are increasingly relying on token authentication to achieve greater security as well as the regulations valid within the European Union which, in contrast to pertinent US regulations, require Digital Certificates used for digitally signing to be stored on a removable device, such as a smart card, a USB pendrive or flash drive to best guarantee the safeguarding of digital identities.

The most common types of physical tokens are smart cards and USB tokens, which require a smart cart reader and a USB port respectively.

To use signing credentials stored on a security token with PentaPKI all you need to do is:

  1. Install the hardware driver for your token.
  2. Configure the Interface between PentaPKI an the digital signature device driver using the PKCS#11 Interface tab located on the PentaPKI Options Screen:

  1. Update PentaPKI's certificate information to include the data from your digital signature device.

PentaPKI also offers a Digital Signature Device Wizard (called PentaPKI Wizard) as a convenient tool to easily run through the installation, configuration and verification procedures needed to get your token ready to use with PentaPKI:

PentaPKI is not included in our regular PentaZip and PentaSuite software packages but made available with specific PKI versions of the following products:

Products for Workstations:

Click here to download a 15-days demo version of PentaZip-PRO PKI, PentaSuite-PRO PKI or PentaSuite Business-PRO PKI.

Server Products:

Click here for more information about our Server Editions.

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