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PentaPGP is the interface for all aspects of using PGP encryption. This is an additional feature to simplify encryption/decryption which can be performed through PentaZip. PGP encryption is also available through the Command Line interface.

PGP is a public key encryption method. It has become a standard for encryption of email and files on the Internet and elsewhere. As the internet is not completely secure from people trying to obtain personal, private and public information this is one way you can be assured that your mail or files you send will be not be tampered with once they have been received by the intended recipient.

Data that can be read and understood without any special measures is called plaintext or cleartext. The method of disguising plaintext in such a way as to hide its contents is called encryption. The unreadable gibberish produced from encryption is called ciphertext.

The design above shows how a text gets "locked" (i.e. encrypted) and then "unlocked" (i.e. decrypted).

PentaWare, Inc. has been authorized by PGP, Inc.

to use the PGP SDK technology and the PGP Trademark

based on an OEM agreement dated April 10, 2003.

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