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PentaFrameGrabber - The possible users of PentaFrameGrabber can be professionals as well as home users. Anybody that needs single pictures (called "frames") from a motion picture can use this utility.

Some areas we know of that have used PentaFrameGrabber:

  • Ophthalmic Ultrasound (a.k.a. Opthalmic Echography)
  • CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) Scans
  • Orthopaedic care centers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Legal advisors
  • Patent and Trademark specialists
  • Engineers

We designed PentaFrameGrabber as a convenient and easy to use means of saving frames captured from movies (AVI, MPG and MOV) as common graphics files.

You can manage and extract from:

  • Home movies,
  • Professionally made video shots,
  • Medical application generated movie files made during CAT scans and more.

Click on image for a larger view.

At the center left of the screen is the movie being played with the usual multimedia commands to start, pause, stop, etc. At the right of the screen are the single frames as images. To export these images all you have to do is select the frames using the data selectors at the bottom of the screen.

You can save:

  1. single frames as images
  2. a number of frames counting from the current frame as images
  3. a specific range of frames as images.

You can choose any output format that PentaSuite supports. See Supported formats for details of the formats PentaFrameGrabber supports for output.

You can add a prefix or a suffix to each image to help with identification when you will be reviewing these images. (Frame 1 through 50 can be output immediately, for example, as John_and_Marys wedding_001 through John_and_Marys wedding_050 to satisfy whatever naming requirement you may have.

You can also make projects to be used again at a later time, or perform frame exporting from more than one movie or from the same movie more than once.

PentaAlbum_sample_for_pentaWhiteBopard_280.jpg (9405 bytes)

Click on image for a larger view.

You can also create HTML pages or PDF pages with Thumbnail views of the frame/images you will capture. This is done by exporting images to a photo album which you can then manage using PentaAlbum.

The following is a sample photo album made using PentaFrameGrabber.

sample_penta_album_280.jpg (9962 bytes)

Click on image for a larger view.

The size of the images that you will export from a movie is entirely up to you. Nothing is predefined in PentaFrameGrabber so you can really get the most out of your movies.

The following are a few sample images from the movie speedis.avi which we used for our tests.

web_speedisspeedis_0134_thumb.jpg (2341 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0135_thumb.jpg (3155 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0136_thumb.jpg (3136 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0137_thumb.jpg (3339 bytes)
web_speedisspeedis_0138_thumb.jpg (3229 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0139_thumb.jpg (3471 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0140_thumb.jpg (3404 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0141_thumb.jpg (3391 bytes)
web_speedisspeedis_0142_thumb.jpg (3232 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0143_thumb.jpg (3257 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0144_thumb.jpg (2118 bytes) web_speedisspeedis_0145_thumb.jpg (2060 bytes)

Additional Information

Demos_Animated.GIF (2245 bytes) Check out the Animated Demo for PentaFrameGrabber

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