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PentaCD (also supports DVD burning)

As the size of files, computers and disk drives has grown constantly during the past years, the need to store large files on removable media has also grown exponentially. Floppy diskettes simply are no longer sufficient for this purpose.

PentaSuite and PentaZIP (starting with Build both offer CD burning and DVD burning as a means to conveniently address this need through PentaCD.

You can create (i.e. "burn") output on the following media types:

Type of media Variants Available with
CD (Compact Disk)
  • CD-R
  • CD-R/W
PentaZip and PentaSuite
DVD ("DVD" is an acronym that stands for "Digital Versatile Disc". It has also been known as "Digital Video Disc" which, however, is too limiting use-wise as DVD's can store any kind of data.
  • DVD+R
  • DVD+R/W
  • DVD-R
  • DVD-R/W
PentaZip and PentaSuite

DVD-RAM disks will be supported in an upcoming release of PentaSuite/PentaZip.

You can burn CD's and/or DVD's using one of the following PentaSuite programs:

  • PentaZip
  • PentaView - also called PentaView Client
  • PentaBrowser
  • PentaCollector
  • The right mouse menu (also referred to as the "Shell")

PentaCD can either insert the files you have selected in a new compressed archive (in any of the supported writing formats: ZIP, ZIPX, ZIP64, ZGB, LHa/LZH, BH, TAR, GZip, TGZ, JAR, BZip2 and CAB) or copy them to the CD either recreating the directory layout ("Path") or as single files (duplicate file names will not be copied in this latter case).

PentaCD is an internal function of PentaSuite and PentaZip that you can use whenever you need to place data on a CD or DVD directly from inside PentaZip or one of the other supported programs.

Delete files After CD/DVD Burning is available with PentaCD.

PentaDVD is a separate program which allows you much more flexibility as you can create "compilations" of files and folders in any way you want or need to.

Additional Information

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