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PentaFTP - PentaWare's FTP Program

PentaFTP is a full FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client that includes both normal FTP as well as secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) connectivity. You can use PentaFTP to access, upload and download files on other computers. It is completely integrated with the other components of a PentaWare product.

FTP is a protocol that lets your PC access another system that has a valid Internet Address and has an FTP server program. This allows you to transfer files between a wide variety of platforms including Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, MVS Mainframes, AS400, UNIX and Linux based systems and many more. Such transfers are 'controlled' which means that the information moving from one site to another will remain intact and unchanged.

Zip+Upload and create emails that contain remote links are just a few of the convenient features that PentaWare's FTP client has to offer.


Unique Feature

Included in

  • Remote Compressed Archive Management which includes:
    1. Getting a remote archive file list on screen
    2. Printing a remote archive file list to the local printer
    3. Printing a remote archive file list to file (TXT, CSV and XLM formats supported)
    4. Opening a remote archive allowing selection of one or more files for:
      1. Extraction (download to a local folder of your choice),
      2. Viewing using PentaView (or the Viewer of your choice)
      3. Launching using the Associated Program.
    5. Added a test to make sure that a file cannot replace a folder and that a folder cannot replace a file
  • File transfer of entire folders in Upload (Put) or Download (Get). Until now only single files could be transferred. The same behavior as Windows Explorer is implemented for overwriting files with same name: if the folder already exists files with the same name will be overwritten after confirmation is requested.
  • Remote Search implemented for finding files/folders that have specific characteristics (name matching given pattern, size, modification time and date falling in a selectable date/time interval).

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Additional Information

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