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PentaZip - PentaWare's Compression Utility - Features


Compare the compression features listed below to see which of our programs best suits your needs.

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Perform most of PentaZip's functions from Windows Explorer through the "Shell" as well as from the Main Program Interface

Manage WinZip and PKZip compatible encryption both in creating and extracting files

Create files larger than 4GB (ZIP64 and ZGB formats) including files larger than 2GB

Extract files from ZIP64 and ZGB files created by PentaWare programs or by programs made by other producers

Include files in new compressed archives using Relative Path and Absolute Path information. Editing of Path information is allowed.

Extract files from compressed archives using Relative Path information. Editing of Path information is allowed.

Open files, modify and resave them in the original Compressed Archive WITHOUT extracting (i.e. unzipping) them first.

Strong Encryption using PGP

Strong Encryption using PKZip and WinZip encryption methods

Strong Encryption using AES, DES, Triple-DES, Mars, Serpent and Blowfish encryption.

Create Self-Decrypting files using AES or TwoFish.

Compatible with PKZip version 2.04g files, WinZip files and any 32-bit Zip archive produced according to the Info-Zip standard. PentaZip is also capable of unzipping older ZIP versions (including versions 1.0 and 1.1).

Nine different levels of compression plus a 'Stored' method where files are included in a Compressed Archive without being compressed.

Multiple Compressed Archives can be open at the same time even if created using different compression programs. Files may be dragged and dropped between the different Compressed Archives. (Multiple Data Interface)

Copy files from one Compressed Archive to another by simply dragging and dropping them.


Disk Spanning, a.k.a. MultiVolume ZIP archives, which allows a ZIP Archive, too big to fit on a single diskette, to be saved to multiple disks. Disk Spanning is also available for SFX (Self Extracting) files.

Add, Update (also known as "refresh") or delete files contained in a Compressed Archive.

Search for specific files inside any supported Compressed Archive.

Automatically attach compressed archives or files being viewed to an Email message for fast file transfer. You can even do Zip+Mail or SFX+Mail directly from the right mouse menu from Windows Explorer.

Run (execute) a file that is inside a Compressed Archive by a simple mouse click.

Extract (Unzip or decompress) all files or only the files required from a compressed archive.

Convert CR/LF (carriage-return/linefeed) to LF (linefeed) during compression or extraction of text files.

Convert (Save As) compressed archives created using any one of the ARJ, ARC, LZH/LHa, CAB, GZip, RAR, TAR, ZOO, Ace and JAR formats to the any of the following formats: ZIP, ZIPX, ZIP64, ZGB, LHA, CAB, BH, TAR, GZip or Jar .

Convert (Save As) self extracting files created using any one of the  ZIP, ZIP64, ZGB, ARJ and LZH/LHa and formats to the any of the following formats: ZIP, ZIP64, ZGB, LHA, CAB, BH, TAR, GZip or Jar .

Manage compressed archives in various formats: ZIP, ZIPX, ZIP64, ZGB, ARC, ARJ, LZH/LHa, CAB, GZip, RAR, TAR, ZOO, Ace, JAR, DCL Zip, BH, UUencode, MIME-64, XXencode, and BinHex without any additional software.

Simultaneously Compress and Extract files.



Drag and Drop  is fully supported.



Perform most of PentaZip's functions from anywhere on your system, including your Windows desktop. or from programs which use a standard Windows common dialog interface.

Compress (i.e. "Zip") files from multiple directories and/or from different drives into one archive when creating it


Manage both Single Byte Character Set (SBCS) and Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) file names. SBCS is used in Western language countries with the common 7-bit format. DBCS is used in China, Japan and Korea to handle non-alphabetic characters (Japanese Kanji, Chinese Han or Big5, etc.). PentaZip can handle file names in either SBCS or DBCS format.

Copy compressed archives directly to a CD or DVD

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