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PentaCLI - Command Line Interface - Feature List

Perform typical repetitive tasks storing the command line string in a batch file. The available features are listed below.

Command Line Interface is also available with our Server Versions. Click here for more information.

The base version of the command line interface is called PentaCLI. It is included in all of our programs except for PentaSuite DigiPhoto. PentaCLI is made up of three programs which allow to perform the following tasks from the command line:

  1. Compression

  2. Extraction

  3. Creation of SFX (Self-Extracting Files)

64-Bit Support

All PentaWare products work properly and as expected on 32-bit and 64-bit systems as is required by Microsoft Certification Rules.

Regardless of whether the platform is 32-bit or 64-bit, ZIP is offered as 32-bit (compatible with version 2.04g) as well as 64-bit.

64-bit archives produced using PentaZip can be opened using competing products. 64-bit archives produced using competing products such as WinZip and PKZip are properly opened and can be extracted from using PentaZip as well as our Command Line versions.

The PRO version of the command line interface PentaCLI-PRO is available only when purchasing PentaSuite Premium or PentaSuite Business Premium.

In addition to Compression, Extraction and SFX PentaCLI-PRO offers:

  1. Strong Encryption
  2. CD/DVD Burning
  3. Sending and Receiving email messages (with attachments)
  4. Creation of PDF files
  5. Conversion of PDF files to different PDF version formats, including conversion to PDF/A
  6. File conversion for over 100 formats.(graphics, Word DOC, RTF, HTML)
  7. Batch printing
  8. FTP from the Command Line.
  9. PKI - encrypt and/or digitally sign files in a PKI environment using X.509 certificates [available only with the separate PKI versions of PentaSuite Premium or PentaSuite Business Premium.]

    A windows GUI type utility called PentaCLI Wizard is also included in our suite of command line programs. It will make things much easier when you have to prepare a Command Line string as you will just have to select the commands and options you need and our wizard will prepare a batch file using the proper syntax for you.

= Feature included, = Feature not included. 


PentaZip or PentaZip-PRO


PentaSuite- PRO
Business- PRO

PentaSuite- Premium
Business- Premium

create compressed archives using one of the supported formats (ZIP, ZIPX, ZIP64, ZGB, LHA, CAB, BH, TAR, GZip or Jar). You can also use PKZip/WinZip AES encryption [Zip Only]

extract files (unzip) from a compressed archive (supported formats are ZIP, ZIPX, ZIP64, ZGB, ARC, ARJ, LZH/LHa, CAB, GZip, RAR, TAR, ZOO, Ace, JAR, DCL Zip, BH)  
convert ZIP, ZIPX or ZGB compressed archives into self extracting (SFX) files  


Server_Version_Available.GIF (2237 bytes) This feature is also available in our Server Editions, click here to check it out

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