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PentaCLI-PRO - Command Line Interface Wizard

What is the PentaCLI-PRO Wizard?

The PentaCLI-PRO Wizard is a program that PentaWare has created to make the creation of command line strings a snap. This handy GUI type tool allows you to fully concentrate on the things you need to when you are preparing a command line string. You just have to select the command line program you wish to work with, choose the options you need and our wizard will prepare the corresponding command line string using the proper syntax for you, thus eliminating completely the risk of syntax errors that have always been a problem with command line programs and hand-coded command line processing.

The program offers the following:

  • Menu and toolbar commands
  • Selection of the Command Line program you want to make a command line string for
  • Interactive updating of the command window (it shows chZip now)
  • Creation of Batch Files
  • Execution of current Command string
  • Syntax checking for all the PentaCLI-PRO programs

    (Click on the image for a full view.)

The CLI Wizard is available with PentaWare Products that offer Command Line features as outlined in the following table. Just compare the features to see which of our products best suits your CLI needs.

= feature included; = feature NOT included



CLI Programs
PentaWare Products
make a new Compressed archive or add files to an existing Compressed archive.
unzip and manage existing Compressed archives.
create and manage SFX files (presently only for ZIP).
pzvPDF create PDF files
chFTP perform FTP File Transfer functions including SSL/TLS encrypted file transfers.
send and receive email messages (with attachments)
chCrypt encrypt and/or decrypt data using one of the supported Encryption Algorithms
pzvPrint batch print files from the command line
chCd burn CD's or DVD's
pzvConv make conversions between supported file types
pzvPDFVer convert PDF files between different PDF versions, including conversion to PDF/A
pzvPKI encrypt and/or digitally sign files using X.509 Certificates
Command Line Wizard available
Workstation Editions
PentaSuite Premium,
PentaSuite Business Premium
PentaSuite Premium PKI,
PentaSuite Business Premium PKI
PentaSuite DigiPhoto
Server Editions chZip
pzvPDF chFTP chMail
chCrypt   pzvPrint chCd pzvConv pzvPDFVer pzvPKI CLI Wizard available 
(without PGP)
PentaSuite Business

(including PGP)
PentaSuite-PRO PKI,
PentaSuite Business PKI

(including PGP)

To learn more about CLI Features in PentaWare products, please see also:

Additional Information

Demos_Animated.GIF (2245 bytes) Check out the Animated Tutorials for the PentaCLI Wizard
Check out a detailed example of how a PentaCLI-PRO user has implemented a daily procedure that uses 8 different features of PentaCLI-PRO

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